Which one? – Network Marketing, Property, Forex Trading and other wealth building strategies.

None of it! Until you have answered three key questions.

Just about every one of us has been approached by over enthusiastic, happy, clappy friends, family and even strangers about the new, best wealth building “strategy that you must be a part of. You are made to feel a fool if you don’t join; matter of fact, sometimes I have out right been called one, all for the sake of sales and building their empire.

I’ve got to admit however, being a smiley people person, health enthusiast with a passion for travelling, personal development and wealth creation, I do make an easy target. Who can blame them?

I’m sure you could tell me about a dozen cousin’s aunt’s friend’s dog’s son who got conned and lost their money in one of these things… Personally, I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these ventures. I have several people in my network involved in all of these businesses. Not by coincidence, they happen to be the top performers in their respective fields.

Here’s the secret…. “Start with the end!”

I can’t stress enough how important it is to understand and be clear on exactly what you are trying to achieve in life before embarking on a career and much so, a path to wealth creation.

1.What is the ultimate goal?

2. Why is this goal a must for you?

3. How does this activity fit into the goal?

Hold up! It is easy to manipulate a goal to fit your situation. E.g.; writing this from Patisserie Valerie cafe, I could easily say to myself after years of moaning about my bulging pooch, “I’m going to enjoy a second helping of cake because I’m curvy and I like it” Hands up if you’ve been there? Too right!

So how do you decide? Simple. Hands on heart, ask yourself, Is this my fantasy? Can I see a long-term plan of how this would work? Am I committed to doing it for the long term?

After you are clear on the “What” and the “Why”, it’s literally a candy store of “Hows” to achieve your goal. You get to choose the best possible means that propels you towards your outcome, fuels your purpose and provides the best overall return. This is of course after you have carefully investigated which works best for your particular situation in terms of risk, return on investment, timeline, support etc. The best performers are usually those that are genuinely passionate about the business and are in it for the long haul. The business for them is more than likely their ultimate goal or the best “how” to get to it.

Remember, It is OK if none of it is not for you. Regardless of what you have been told, not everyone is doing it. It is simply a means to an end for most people.

The key is to be clear on your goal and focus on it until you are the best at it. My work as a Career and Mindset strategist ensures that my clients pursue career paths that are perfectly aligned with their strengths and purpose, as well as make informed decisions about successful wealth building strategies.

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Lots of Love,

Linda B @misslindaboakye