“The one to watch”… We’re still watching

Is this you? It is HELL, You feel like this too?

Are you the one with multiple degrees and not much to show for it?

Did they always say.. You were “the one to watch” and then.. Evvvverrrrrybody got bored of watching the Nothing that happened next?

If you are you brave enough to recognise that FEAR has stopped you in your tracks… Then, its about to get a whole lot different.

You see.. recognising that fear, your mindset and insecurities have robbed you of that awesome life you know you deserve, is the first step!

And yes.. I know you know… You’ve read the books, attended the seminars, heck you could even teach the damn subject… But between you and I, hands on heart, looking in the mirror… Your day to day life couldn’t be further.

You are a good person, you are. You do your job well, and even most times with a smile, you get on with everyone and yes you make a decent living. Not bad

But you know there’s more! There’s got to be. You see it every night in your dreams, you see it in your eyes just before you distract yourself from that mirror.

It would be awesome, a dream come true… But let’s be realistic, You couldn’t possibly…., what would people say…., how would you start…, would it pay…? Would it pay enough…? Should you even be thinking about this? Making such a fuss…Surely it’s just a hobby, right?


Cmon, I know you’re tired of seeing that same picture in your head over and over again, I know you hate feeling so helpless, trapped and guilty about your cowardice and choosing to ignore your gut feeling, that inner purpose, that calling, that destiny, the dream job..

Trust me, I got you… I do.

THIS IS YOUR TIME.I’m telling you., TODAY… You’re reading this article for a reason.

So if you’re ready to WAKE UP and START LIVING, share this dream with someone who doesn’t think you’re crazy, I’m the person you need!

Let’s have a chat about it via https://calendly.com/lindaboakye/let-s-chat-about-my-career

Go on, You’ve got this! And I believe in you!

Lots of Love,

Linda Boakye @misslindaboakye