Forget Mondays, I hate EVERYDAY!!!

Forget Mondays, I hate EVERYDAY!!!

I don’t know what the fuss is about, or why everyone picks on Monday. Poor Monday – I’m standing up for you {big hug}.

I hate Everyday that I am not doing something I love, being my super awesome self or working towards something that fulfils me.

I mean that’s the goal right? To be HAPPY! That’s why you… want another job, a promotion, more money, more free time, to go on holidays, to give to charity… etc. So that you can have a HUGE smile on your face and sleep well at night.

So why are we wasting time working for Mr or Mrs “I’ve got a giant tree trunk up my…..You know what”

Ok so I understand, we all need to pay bills, food and a home would be nice etc, so you took the job. Fine. No judgement. We’ve all been there. Myself included. But my question is then what?

You got the job… 35 hrs, 40 hrs, 50 hrs a week etc… but for God’s sake WHY have you checked out of Dream Career / Life ville? All of a sudden, you identify yourself by your JOB and are not doing anything to work towards making that dream a reality.

What steps are you taking now to get you out of your “I’m just getting by JOB” to “Check me out, I’m living my life CAREER”?

The time is going to pass ANYWAY, In the next year, five years, you could be Full time genius in your Dream field or the same lame Bob or Julie whining about how unfair life has been to you.

Come onnnnnn !!!!!

Ok so if you were desperate for money, I mean like “life and death” desperate…. you would get a 2nd Job, 3rd Job to survive right? I know some of you would do some unspeakable things, right? So.. Why not make being your being HAPPY your part-time job?

And No, I’m not talking about temporary fixes that come from a sugary dessert or a new pair of shoes or whatever you’re into…

I’m talking about investing in yourself to become the person you need to be to achieve the things you really want to achieve in life. Whether that’s reading books, getting a coach, perfecting your hobby so you can start making money out of it, working part-time in your dream industry, networking with people who are doing what you want to do… you know… emulating your professional gods!

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Lots of Love,

Linda B @misslindaboakye